Top Travel Spots for 2017

Every year, new travel hot spots pop up and offer a brand new experience abroad. With so much to choose from, we have managed to trim it down to our top five listed below. Where will you go this year?


With the Rio Olympics last year, Brazil dominated South American travel, but this year, Chile is taking the spotlight. The incredibly dense ecosystems and biodiversity that the nation offers is mind-blowing. Subarctic islands, deserts, fjords, rainforests - the list could go on. The Chilean capital, Santiago, is a thriving metropolis surrounded by a stunning view of the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range.


As the second largest nation in the world, Canada’s vast landscape boasts of endless opportunities to explore new territory. The country is stunningly beautiful, with vast landscapes and vibrant cities to indulge in. Take a trip to Vancouver and immerse yourself in the booming art, theatre and music scene amongst the diverse array of cultures.

South Korea

The juxtaposition of South Korea’s tech and fashion forward, yet thoroughly traditional culture is what makes a visit so enriching. A hike to the summit of rocky mountains inhabited in thick forested national parks will give you countless reasons to stand in awe of South Korea’s scenery. The rapidly paced capital, Seoul, is a dynamic city illuminated by skyscrapers, street markets, jam-packed shopping high-streets, and the powerhouse K-Pop culture.


The Scandinavian country provides a refreshing journey to an aesthetic and lifestyle that boats of simplicity. The underlying culture of hygge, the quest for cosiness, happiness and contentment, is reflected in the Danish, food, fashion architecture, and art. A trip to Denmark will have you appreciating the special moments by their lovely lakes, long sandy beaches, and even in an intimate cafe nibbling on delicious freshly baked goods.


For outdoor enthusiasts, Madagascar is the place. Mountain biking, trekking, diving, kitesurfing, rock-climbing - plan your trip well as you may not have time for it all! The country is brimming with an abundance of weird and wonderful animal and plant species, including in the infamous lemur and baobabs. Navigating the island can be challenging, with remote regions and obscure roads, but those seeking a true adventure, Madagascar is the perfect destination to create incredible memories.