South Africa trip, stories and pics

On Vitae’s most recent trip to South Africa we met a number of lovely children and through our watch sales we were able to give each of them a pair of shoes, two sets of uniform and a backpack.

Their stories range for traumatic to inspirational but upon receiving some much needed school supplies these awesome kids were filled with joy and hope.

Here are some of the stories and pictures from our trip:


Lihle has been in contact with our partner charity House of Wells for quite some time. Lihle and her 2 siblings have been very dedicated to the programmes created by House of Wells and have found it to be a great source of inspiration. Unfortunately when Lihle was much younger her mother passed away and this has led to her situation at home being very tough. She lives with her father and 9 other family members (13 people in total living in a the small shack). Vitae London recently provided school supplies for Lihle and her 2 other siblings, as their single father has been forced to live on benefits this contribution has been invaluable to them. Someone buying a Vitae London watch has given this family some peace of mind and equipped the children to keep going to school.

Liyabona aged 12, is joyful young boy who lives with his parents, his sister and 2 brothers. Although his family is unable to financial provide for all his schooling necessities Liyabona is very a dedicated individual, Vitae with our customers help is proud to be able to help support him. 

Veronica; she is a 9 year old girl. She lives with her Mum, and 9 other family members in the Kleinskool township. Unfortunately Veronica’s father passed away and the 6 adults she lives with are unemployed. Veronica struggles to keep her head above water as no one can supply for her and the 4 other kids she lives with. As such, food and clothes are a major concern - at times her only meal for the day is the one she eats when she visits our partner charity House Of Wells. We were happy to be able to contribute in helping Veronica.


Carnalito aged 10 and Caraventos aged 7. Their father was overwhelmed with emotions when the boys received their uniforms and sends his appreciation to Vitae London and all its customers for making a life changing contribution.

We hope to check back in with all of the kids we met to see how they are progressing when we next head back to SA. We would like to thank all customers and supporters as we continue to drive forward and make a positive impact.