There’s something about Spring. The way nature seems to suddenly bloom into life and erupt in abundance lightens everyone’s mood, gets people outside, and a surge of flowery Instagram posts fill our screens. It’s a wonderful time to begin to appreciate the sunshine again, with the warmer weather that comes with it. The sense of new life that Spring reflects is inspiration enough to embark on a new venture and bloom with the season. Many of us set New Year resolutions as the clocks turned 00:00 on the 1st January 2017 and lost the motivation to stay faithful to our commitments. The gloomy mornings set in, the rain poured and a whole wave of January blues swept us under. Those initial months can be difficult to navigate, but even if you’ve fallen off the wagon, it’s never too late to go back to your goals.

It’s not a failure or a step back to pick up what you once left and try again. If you read up on a few of the greatest, they all tried and tried and tried until they got it right. The process is enduring but it is entirely worth it. In this age of social media, comparison can be the most tempting but demotivating thing. On the screen, we see the final - and sometimes fabricated - product and immediately pitch it to our own lives. Of course, we all know this is illogical but, for some reason, it’s an irresistible habit.
Is quitting social media the answer to achieving your goals? Maybe, but probably not. Especially for those who need social media to fulfill their plans!
A change of mindset? Absolutely. The process doesn’t have to be rushed or pitched up against anyone else, and you know how much willpower it has taken to get back on track. So, do it with conviction, persistence, and excellence!

Not everyone wrote down a set of New Year resolutions earlier this year, but this new season has inspired a craving for new beginnings. Starting out on a new project or even a new hobby is exciting, and even more encouraging to do under the bright cast of the sunshine! Fortunately, as summer approaches, various organisations begin to roll out workshops, classes, talks, community events, and many other ways to get involved. Take a step into a new adventure and see where you send up this season.