Mother's Day: How Children Are Leading the Way

So, Mother’s Day is not next month, next week, but tomorrow. The conscious ones amongst us, who refuse to succumb to commercialised holidays, have come to the sudden realisation that neglecting the holiday will only amount to a Mother’s stern glare. Then, there’s the majority of people who somehow missed the explosion of Mother’s Day adverts and have suddenly seen the light. On the other hand, there’s the minority who have been anticipating the occasion for months with extravagant plans to show us all up. Whichever demographic you belong to, Mother’s Day could still be a wonderful day for us all.

In the primary school days, we could all rely on our teachers to provide the resources necessary to create a masterpiece in the running up to Mother’s Day. Colourful cards, glitter, glue, felt-tips, macaroni and the legendary, fluffy pipe cleaners. Somehow, we were able to get away with waking our mothers up with a concoction of materials sprawled out across a bright card on Mothering Sunday morning. As we grow older into our teenage years, and use the little savings we’ve earned to buy affordable gifts, most mothers are delighted to even see their child growing into someone who can handle money, so the slightly browning flowers are deeply appreciated. As we get catapulted into adulthood, there seems to be no excuse for anything below the average, as we’re solely responsible for preparing something great every year. However, devising an outstanding Mother’s Day strategy is tougher than it looks.

The majority of gift options on the shelves are cliche and we all want to offer out mothers something better, but this last-minute status really doesn’t offer much time to rack your brain and present the world’s most innovative Mother’s Day gift. Still, thinking back to the simple primary school days, our mothers absolutely adored the abstract Mother’s Day arts and craft pieces we brought home, because they came from a genuine place. We would spend all afternoon, slaving over the gift, tailoring it especially for our mothers and would present it with pride, knowing that it was the best we could offer her. So, why lose that? Despite feeling unprepared for tomorrow, the odds are still in our favour, as we’ve known our mothers all our lives - we know what makes her smile, what makes her laugh, what she’s obsessed with, what she’s sentimental about, her aspirations. Tailoring an exclusive experience especially for your dearest mother will make her day, no matter how simple or lavish. The very sentiment we had as children - the effort, the authenticity, the heart - is what will make this Mother’s Day one to remember.