Getting Experience with No Experience

I’m currently running social media for Vitae, but started as an intern with minimal experience in both social media and fashion.

We’ve all been in the frustrating position of seeking experience that requires previous experience. It doesn’t make much sense.
I’ve found that being proactive with the resources and network you already have can go a  long way. Start a blog, vlog with your phone, go to workshops, join online groups, volunteer for a charity - the list goes on, you just have to be creative. It’s tempting to wait for opportunities to come to you, but you’ll find that many success stories start with people creating their own experience.

I remember having an empty CV that could only boast of a waitress job that I had been fired from after a couple weeks. What skills did I gain during my (very short-lived) time there? How did it develop my character? What projects did I work on in school? What clubs was I a part of? These are all things I had to ask myself to convince people that I had experience and was worth their time.

Perhaps you have experience, but want to step into a whole new field. I have a predominately music background, but my experience built over time is valuable regardless. At times you’ll find it’s not exactly what you’ve done, but what you extract from it, that will get you through the door. Getting experience is an art in itself, but always proves to be a rewarding journey.