A Chat with Uzy Nwachukwu

Who are you & what do you do?

My name’s Uzy, I’m a part-time fashion blogger and student.

How did you first hear about Vitae?

So, you guys reached out to me, but one of my friends has also worked with Vitae as a videographer. Another one of my friends has also received a watch. So mostly through word of mouth.

What then led you to stay involved?

I get sent a lot of watches from other brands, but I like that Vitae is based on charity. It’s a brand that cares.

What three words come to mind when you think of Vitae?

Clean. Elegance. Charitable.

What makes Vitae different?

Their care for helping and giving other people an opportunity they would’ve never had.

What do you think about Vitae’s initiative to give back to school children in South Africa? Is it something that more brands should be doing?

I would want the charitable side of a brand to be genuine. If all brands were charitable but didn’t really care, that aspect would lose it’s value. Will is genuine and that’s what makes Vitae stand out.

Where do you see Vitae going in the future?

I see them expanding on more charity ideas. Maybe as they grow, helping build more schools, and maybe in other countries.