A Chat with Faith Child

Who are you & what do you do?

I’m a rapper from South London. I love having a good time, love travelling, love trying new food, love making people smile. That’s what I do.

How did you first hear about Vitae?

William’s a good friend of mine and he shared it with me a little over a year ago. That’s where I heard it from - straight from the man himself.

What then led you to get involved as an ambassador?

How well the brand is put together. It has good quality products and even better social action in regards to what it does abroad. So, it’s not just about the heart behind it, but also the good product itself.

What three words come to mind when you think of Vitae?

Clean. Fun. Rewarding.

What makes Vitae different?

The fact that they’re helping people abroad.

What do you think about Vitae’s initiative to give back to school children in South Africa? Is it something that more brands should be doing?

I think it’s fantastic, the bigger picture here is that Vitae’s trying to tackle poverty. When you’re educated, you have the ability to get a job, provide, and break the cycle of poverty.

I do think more brands should be doing it. I know brands may donate or have a partnership, but it’s not necessarily a key part of their ethos or vision. A side note is that, the less companies do it, the more Vitae gets to shine [laughs]. If everyone was doing it, I guess Vitae would lose it’s USP. But, yeah, I think all brands should have some sort of charity initiative.

You’re a rapper, and I’m sure you know there are many external influences that impact the industry. Does Vitae have a role to play in the arts? If so, what do you think that is?

Yeah, definitely. A watch is an accessory -  it’s fashion. Vitae definitely has a part to play in fashion. It’s a case where musicians are more conscious now and we don’t just want to wear nice things that we know a child abroad gets paid next-to-nothing to make. Brands like Vitae open the conversation to social justice in the arts.

Where do you see Vitae going in the future?

I see Vitae becoming more of a global household name. I also potentially see Vitae having an orphanage or an education system in a country where they’re largely represented - like South Africa. Yeah, I could potentially see Vitae having their own orphanage set up somewhere.