A Chat with David Jones

Who are you & what do you do?

I like to think of myself as a disruptive creative. I have a lot of different abilities and skills. I like to shake things up. Especially with everything going on in the world, being young and black, I have an opportunity to use my voice and stand up for something.
I’m a musician. I’m also the co-founder of WePioneer. We do media consultancy, helping other brands define their identity and find their community. We’ve dedicated all our platforms to helping millennials thrive in entrepreneurship, and we have a network of global content creators and are in the process of forming a non-for-profit organisation to take WePioneer further.

How did you first hear about Vitae?

I was in London last year, January, filming content for WePioneer. I put it out on my social platforms that I was in the city and wanted to connect with some entrepreneurs and Will reached out to me. The next day, we met up in Shoreditch and had a chat. I saw all the watches and found out about the story behind it all. I was drawn into the practical way Vitae is helping people. I then interviewed Will later in April and that did pretty well.

What then led you to get involved as an ambassador?

Whenever you see someone who’s doing something significant that falls in line with what you’re also about, you connect. Vitae has also made really good moves - social media, the social influencers, the cause, the really good quality products.

What three words come to mind when you think of Vitae?

Quality. Dynamic. Community.

What makes Vitae different?

It’s diverse. From a white kid in California, to a black mother in Ghana, to someone of Asian descent in the UK, they can all gather around and agree on the cause. Even through how well they’ve positioned the brand - the diverse influencers. It’s not just a black owned business that only has black people representing them, it’s an international brand. It’s important to be inclusive but also specific. You can’t just say “We want to end world hunger”, that’s such a big thing to say - how are you going to do that? Vitae manages to be inclusive but also focus on a specific region and cause.

What do you think about Vitae’s initiative to give back to school children in South Africa? Is it something that more brands should be doing?

In the next 5 years, I feel like if your brand isn’t doing something impactful, people won’t invest in it. I think that Vitae is definitely a pioneer in coupling a dynamic, quality product with charity.

As a musician, I’m sure you’ve witnessed many external influences that impact the industry. Does Vitae have a role to play in the arts? If so, what do you think that is/could be?

Style is such a married thing in arts and culture - period. If you’re not stylish, or in touch with trends, or on the cutting edge, you’re missing out. With Vitae being so clean and having various quality products, it could easily become a staple. I wear mine everyday. For artists who have a passion and want to give back, it will become something to not just support but a reflection of their values, and an extension of who they are.

I’m not an official ambassador but I’m proud to represent Vitae, and Vitae are proud to represent me. Brands that have a relationship with artists and culture are important. I don’t want to represent something that doesn’t represent where I’m at.

Where do you see Vitae going in the future?

Identifying artists, creatives, entrepreneurs, all types of people who really embody the principles of Vitae, not just stylish people, and eventually create a hub for them. Vitae can create campaigns that bring them all together. A brand's best resource is people.

I also see a line of very limited edition watches that stand for specific causes. For example, Vitae could come out with a specific watch for an artist coupled with a video campaign that highlights them. Vitae could come out with a few exclusive watches, at a high price, for others to buy. So, it’s not just ‘Your Watch, Their Future’, it’s your watch, their future, and the person behind it.